Never Wax Your Boat Again

Get Long Lasting Luster With Ceramic Coating

Tired Of Water Spots, Oxidation & Sun Damage The Moment Your Boat Touches the Water? 

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It’s aboat time that you seal her surfaces up for good! 

Lucky for you, here at Below the Belt Services Canyon Lake, TX, we offer Marine Ceramic Coatings  by Glidecoat that are bound to preserve and protect the original glory of your boat’s surfaces.  Coat Your Boat everywhere from the Gel Coat, Vinyl, Glass, Pontoons, Exhaust and Prop.  After we’re done with her, you’ll be surprised your old dull boat could sparkle like lost jewelry at the bottom of party cove


Superior Coverage – Fills & Seals All Your Boat’s Cracks and Crevices

She's been washed, she's been buffed, now what?  How do you hold on to that glorious glimmer?  Ceramic Coating is the final touch needed to extend the life and beauty of your boat’s surfaces.  The best part, you never have to wax again!  Only requiring a quick wipe down when you get out of the water and a once a month cleaning, Ceramic Coating will leave your boat in prime condition all year around.  Coating your boat will not only protect the surfaces of your boat from harmful UV rays, but it also prevents damage from water and other contaminants.  As the coating fills and seals her surfaces its creating a barrier that resists just about anything thrown it's way.  


Gel Coat

  • Installer Exclusive

  • Long Term Color Retention

  • Resists Water & Repels Stains

  • Formulated For New & Used Boats

  • Defends Against UV Damage



  • Water Will Bead Right Off 

  • Anti-Static Properties Repel Debris

  • No More Watermarks or Streaks

  • Less Cleaning Required



  • Self Cleaning

  • Breaks Down Dirt

  • Repels Oil & Water

  • Reduces Black Streaks



  • Improves Overall Appearance

  • Protects From UV Damage

  • Impervious to Tanning Lotions, 
    Sunblock, Etc. 

  • Prolongs Vinyl Lifespan



  • Limits Corrosion

  • Protects against Oxidation

  • Water Beads Off

  • Resists Sun & Rain Damage



  • No Added Biocides or Toxins

  • Improved Fuel Efficiency

  • Extended Life & Performance

  • Prevents Zebra Mussels

How To Stop Boat Waxing?

It's easy... Glidecoat offers an 18-month warranty.  We come and do the initial coating and file the warranty directly with Glidecoat on your behalf.  You then have the option of enrolling in our Monthly Maintenance Plan that adheres to the warranty terms for all 18-months.  As a bonus, we also offer a reapplication service after the warranty period expires. Continue this process and you'll never have to wax her again!

Regardless of how good the gel coat is, prolonged sun and salt exposure can turn your boat from looking brand new to something you’d find in a junkyard.  And trust us, once that happens, it’s pretty hard to turn back.  So, act fast and make use of our top-notch services today!  Give your boat the pampering she deserves. 



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