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Save Your Boat From Cloudy Gel Coat 

Faded Gel Coat?  Pontoons you can't see yourself in?  Teak that looks like it sailed the ocean blue?  You're in the right place.


There's nothing like a brand new boat.  Vinyl stitching that is white, the shining metal reflecting the sun's rays and gelcoat you can be polished to mirror-like perfection.  It doesn't take long for that beauty to fade leaving you with grungy stitching, rusting metal and gelcoat so oxidized that it looks as though hundreds of chalk erasers were smacked together right next to it.  The oxidation process begins immediately. And each time you take it out, to be used as indented, the elements are working against you. 

At first, many have this image of being in their yard on a Saturday morning, bucket and hose in hand, ready to spend the day caring for their new toy.  And in some cases, they do.  For about 3 months.  Max.  What tends to happen is they realize just how much work goes into washing a boat.  Or, that a simple wash won't get back the shine they remember from the day it was purchased.  And that all comes after making sure all the right chemicals and machines are being used. 

"Have you ever heard someone say that oxidation and waterspots are the same thing?

Interest: Well, they’re not. In fact, it’s a common misconception that we want to clear up for you today. And while we know this might sound like an overly technical explanation of something most people don’t care about, trust us when we say there is a big difference between these two things and why it matters to your boat.

Desire: When you think of oxidation on your boat what do you picture? Do you see faded paint or maybe even rust spots starting to form around the waterline? If so then congratulations! You have successfully identified one of the biggest problems facing boats all over America today – oxidization. Oxidation occurs when metal reacts with oxygen in the air causing corrosion and rusting which can lead to expensive repairs down the road if left untreated. This is where waterspots come into play because they are simply just another symptom of oxidation but not actually its cause. Waterspots occur when rainwater sits on top of your hull leaving behind unsightly stains from dissolved minerals in salt water such as calcium carbonate (which makes up seashells) or magnesium sulfate (which comes from seaweed). These stains will eventually dry out but leave behind permanent damage if not treated properly by removing them using our special cleaning solution designed specifically for use on boats made from natural ingredients safe enough for humans too! So remember next

Restoration Results

A Longer Lasting Oxidation Solution

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