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Large yacht tide to the docks in beautiful water with the sun shinning.

Below the Belt

Our Boat Service means spending less time maintaining & more time entertaining.

Our Mission

Our mission is to assist boat owners in enjoying as much time on the water as they can by performing boating services that would otherwise occupy the owners time. work for them.  Our team goes above and beyond to assure an enjoyable, stress free time is had by the owners by tending to their boating needs.  Below the Belt Services strives to be the solution to the boating lifestyle.

It's simple: Provide high-quality services for our valued clients.

For more information or general questions, get in touch today.

Our Team

Dustin Smith, CD-MC



Dustin has been a Canyon Lake resident for over 12 years but spent much of his younger life on the lake with his family.  He remembers staying on his parents cabin with his brothers when he was a boy.  That was the start of Dustin's love for the water and boating.  Over the years he has owned many styles and sizes and now enjoys the water with his own family.  When the opportunity presented itself for Dustin to start Below the Belt Services it was a no brainer.  Boats had always been a part of his life so why not make it a career.  By mixing his boat knowledge with the many years he spent in RV Sales no one is better qualified than he is to perform Mobile Boat Detailing and Concierge Services.  Dustin is especially gifted with Gel Coat Restoration.  Head on over to our Gallery to see the amazing work he has done.


BTB Crew


Conor Holt

Although he isn't a Smith, Conor joins the team with enough excitements and passion for the job that he might as well be one.  Every day he learns more and more about what it takes to be a detailer.  As he hones in his skills with a polisher in hand, Conor's amazement and drive are a sight to see and certainly shine on his potential to go far in the industry.

Our Certification


So who is IDA what does it matter?  Well, IDA is the International Detailers Association.  Its a group of detailers from all over the world coming together to be network with other detailers and to become better detailers.  IDA offers training and certification programs (including Marine

Certification), continuing education, ongoing resources and a place for detailers to network with other detailers, share ideas, problem solve and sometimes collaborate deeper.

But wait, can't any detailer do a cleaning on a boat?  What's the difference to the customer?  Technically, yes, they would be physically capable of providing service on a boat.  Marine Certified Detailers are more than just physically capable though.  Boat detailers are taught about the specific intricacies of a boat that make cleaning them more difficult than a simple car.  The things that make boat detailing different include: eisenglass, bilge pumps, teak, gel coat. biodegradable & marine safe products, brightwork and location.  As a Marine Certified Detailer, Dustin has learned from industry pros what it takes to get the job done right.  

You wouldn't have a general doctor perform your heart surgery, why have a general detailer service your boat?  Schedule your next service with Below the Belt Services and know that you are getting quality boat cleaning.

Our Partners

We choose the companies we do business with very carefully and with our customers best interest in mind and all times. These companies are top of their industry with great customer service and values in line with our own.  As a new Boat Cleaning Company we couldn't ask for better affiliations.  As we continue to grow we hope that this list will as well.  To learn more about any of these companies click on their image and you'll be redirected to their website.

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Thank you from
Below the Belt

Below the Belt Services would like to say Thank You for all of the support we have received from our Customers, Family, Friends, Partners and the Community.  We are so blessed to live and work in such an amazing place.  

We couldn't do it all without you! 

We're excited to see where the world of Mobile Boat Detailing takes us!

Check back soon for more... 

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