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You Need To Spend More Time
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Monthly Boat Detailing is the Answer

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You Bought The Boat, Don't Let it Sink

Owning a boat can create rewarding experiences anchored in memory.  Cruising across the lake with the wind going by.  Tying up next to family and friends for an afternoon of fun in the sun.  However you prefer to enjoy your boat, you're not doing it enough! 


Your boat is collecting dust.  Maybe it's because of the strain on your already busy schedule, lacking supplies and equipment or even lack of motivation.  Below the Belt is here to help! You'll want to spend all your maritime boating.

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Put Your Boat Detailing Tasks on OUR To-Do List

You can go about your day to day activities and enjoy your weekends doing the things you love without having to worry about your boat. All you need to do is sign up for our annual plan, and you can rest assured that your vessel would be thoroughly cleaned and detailed every month.

Cleaning Takes Time Away From Boating

Studies show after you've cleaned something you're less motivated to use it.  It's recommended that you:

  • Clean your boat at least once a month

  • Wipe it down down after you've taken it out

  • Completely detail, inside & out, twice per year 


With your already busy schedule and limited time off, you don't want to spend what little time you have available washing your boat.  Especially if that means it makes you enjoy it less.  No, you want to get out use your boat.  Get your time, and desire, back with regular boat detailing done for you. We'll take our time to clean your boat so you can take yours to use it.

Doing your own boat cleaning is expensive

Spending money is rarely enjoyable and you know what they say about boats....


Buffers. Pads. Chemicals. Drying Clothes.  It gets expensive and using the wrong supplies can cause damage that will cost even more later. 


You're spending money on more work for yourself.  Instead, break out another thousand, relax and save more money later.  Hire a professional detailer who's equipped & experienced in boat detailing.   

Clean Boats are Worth More For Longer 

You've already made an investment in your boat, getting monthly boat washes helps you protect it by:

  • Extending the life of the gel coat 

  • Adding years to your boats life

  • Substantially reducing depreciation & increasing resell value 

  • Recognizing potential issues before they become problems 

Whether you are considering a change in the near future or no, one day you might want to sell your boat.  Possibly even upgrade. Having a regularly detailed boat substantially increases your resell value. 

You'll be Proud to Show Your Boat Off 

Like buying new clothes or a new car, cruising in a clean boat makes you feel  

  • Impress your friends when you

  • take them out

  • Make your boat buds jealous 

  • Have more confidence, organization and peace

Why Book With Below the Belt


The only industry recognized certified boat detailer


100% Mobile

By land or by water we will go wherever you need us.



We take the time to assure your boats tiniest details are covered.



You get quality work for under the national average price.



We live here.  We work here.  We play here


We're Boaters

We understand much of your needs because we have them too.


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Red and white boat just after detail completed.
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