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More Than Boat Detaling

Pampering You & Your Boat

Picture this...

Its Monday.  You make plans to take some friends out on the boat this weekend.  It's been quite some time since you had it out last and the weather should be prime for boating.  You think to yourself that you should go to the marina, where your boat is kept, one day this week to tidy up and assure it's ready to take out.  Before you know it, its Friday night.  The week got away from you with all the meetings, appointments and family obligations.  You never made it to the marina but figure it'll be ok, you can do a couple of quick things when you get there. 

Mid section of butler holding a tray up

Its now Saturday late morning and you've arrived at the marina and think you have an hour before your friends arrive.  They're excited.  And early.  

  • The boat is dirtier than you thought. 

  • There aren't enough life jackets on board. 

  • The batteries are dead. 

  • You forgot to grab ice

It takes another hour and a half to two hours to get sorted before you can leave the slip.  Hours that could have been spent relaxing on the water, swimming or enjoying a cold one.

Just about every boat owner has experienced a version of this situation.  A boating trip that didn't go as planned.  Below the Belt Services, as boat owners ourselves, knows exactly how things like that can happen.  Which is why we decided to include Concierge Services with our product offerings. Prior to your arrival, we will

  • Make sure that batteries are charged 

  • There is fuel in the tanks

  • Everyone has a lifejacket

  • refreshments are on ice and 

  • give her a quick rinse to remove the dust & cobwebs. 

Whatever time consuming ritual you have each time you want to take your boat out, we will handle for you. 

No more delays.  More time relaxing on the water.  Making pleasant memories. Below the Belt Services wants to help you achieve that.  Let us know when you'd like the service and what your preferences are HERE.  We'll take it from there.

Woman signs off on her boat detail with her deatilerat the marina.
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