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System X
Ceramic Coating


Just as there are no two boats exactly the same, no two ceramic coatings are exactly the same either.   After a lot of discussion and careful review, Below the Belt has chosen to offer SystemX Ceramic Protection to our customers as the Ceramic Coating of choice.  Our customer satisfaction is our highest priority and SystemX has shown to be a partner who shares that belief. 

SystemX has coatings for many vehicles, including Aircraft, so they are no stranger to formulating the right mix to fit all needs.  With SystemX Ceramic Coating, it can protect boats from top to bottom. As an Authorized Installer, we can apply their product to any hull, metal, exhaust, glass, carpet, vinyl, and more.  Once applied, the boat will have years of protection against oxidation, UV rays, heat, exhaust, spotting, spills and stains without yellowing, peeling or cracking. Cleaning up and wiping down will be a breeze.

Most commonly requested, the SystemX Gel Coat provides a color enhancing gloss that's extremely durable. It offers the highest, previously unachievable, level of hardness available of 9H making boats " virtually immune" to the world's corrosives both above and below the water. The extreme gloss finish the SystemX Coating provides is the cherry on top of this protective sundae. For added protection, we recommend combining the gel coat protection with the glass and interior products that are also available for that all over protection.

Below the Belt wants to help boats shine on the water and have protection against the harmful environment. Scroll on down to the bottom of this page to request a Ceramic Coating quote from Below the Belt Services.

Gel Coat

  • Protects from UV rays, acid, alkalies and exhaust

  • Will not yellow, crack or peel

  • Oxidation resistant

  • 9H hardness for years of protection



  • Protection for all glass and mirrors. 

  • Protects from micro-scratches

  • Increases visibility

  • Easy bug clean off

  • Protects from water spot staining



  • Stain Protection for vinyl, fabric,  leather and carpet

  • Spills will clean up easily 

  • Protection from day-to-day wear and tear.


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