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Beautiful reflection off sailboat gel coat
Sailboat mirror image reflection of its marina surroundings

Let’s Turn that Dull Piece of Driftwood Back into a Boat!

Bring your boat back to life with boat restoration services.

Does your boat’s lackluster appearance make you wish you could randomly lose it at sea?

Well, fear knot!

At Below the Belt Services in Canyon Lake, TX you can bet your mast that we’ll turn the look of your downtrodden boat around! Our unparalleled Gel Coat Restoration & Pontoon Polishing services promise the glow of an almost mint-condition luxury boat.

Sunset reflection off cabin boats hull
Pontoon boat shined up with mirror image

Total Revival – Rid Your Boat of Oxidation, Scratches & Other Imperfections

Gel coat is the lustrous and glossy finish on the boat’s fiberglass surface that further adds to its appeal. Regardless of its aesthetics, it's a porous material and improper maintenance, as well as prolonged exposure to outside elements, can make its shine nonexistent. These factors not only degrade the appearance of the boat but can also cause irreversible damage if not addressed in due time – that’s where we come in. You don’t want to do the grunt work all by yourself. Trust us, it’s a hull of a time-consuming and physically demanding process. So, it should have a professional touch to do it justice.

Pontoons are made of aluminum.  Considered an ugly duckling of boating.  A necessary, but barely thought of, floatation device riddled with oxidation and water lines.  Getting the mirror image reflection off your toons takes time and patience.  The process can be gruesome to say the least.  You're in luck though Below the Belt Services has a solution for you too!  We'll polish your pontoons to glass.

Polished Pontoon reflecting it's marina surroundings
Cabin boat polished to a mirror finish reflecting the sunset

Take Her Out for a Cruise on the Water

After we’re done with your boat, you’ll be dying to show it off. Our team of professionals are equipped with the latest tools and techniques to ensure that everything runs seamlessly. Our meticulously detailed approach streamlines the whole process by taking care of the structural and cosmetic appearance with the utmost precision a

Exposure to external elements is bound to degrade even the best of boats. Our top-notch services guarantee to revive the original luster of your boat, making it look almost as good as the day you bought it! We’d be more than happy to entertain all your queries and present our expert solutions. So, call us now for the best Gel Coat Restoration services in town!

Marina visible reflecting off the hull of this cabin boat
The boat docked next to this one can been seen in the gel coat reflection



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